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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Today’s topic is a critical thinking - which is a fun and stark contrast to my last post which was describing my Tarot journey and the lessons from learning and embracing Tarot  - so today is the other end of that scale for anyone who is more interested in the more...

Tarot Lessons for a Skeptic

Tarot Lessons for a Skeptic

When I first learned Tarot, I was actually pretty skeptical. I’ll share my Tarot Journey and the lessons I learned on the way.  Just like Lessons learned from Zumba wasn’t really about zumba, this post isn’t really about tarot - it’s more about what I discovered as a...

Comparison as a Source of Joy

Comparison as a Source of Joy

We all know that comparison is the thief of joy. And I still stand by that, but lately, I’ve been thinking about another comparison theory too. I’ve been wondering why do we compare ourselves? And is there ever an upside to comparison? Compare and Contrast Remember...

Who are you?

You are a working millennial womanYou don’t expect a trophy for showing up. You don’t need constant positive reinforcement … but you also don’t need constant negative self talk.

You don’t need the overwhelm, fear and uncertainty that you carry around with you. I know that about you. We should talk.

Who Is Coaching For?

I work with millennial women in the workforce who are dealing with doubt, guilt and insecurity. You are my favorites!

I help you release the resistance that is blocking you from the life you want.

How to get yourself unstuck?

Get Awareness around your Thinking

Check your thoughts against the results that you want

Release the resistance that is holding you back and move ahead

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