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Practical Tips for Transformation

Practical Tips for Transformation

I’m fascinated by transformation right now! I’m creating a few transformations for myself in my life. I’m watching my coaching clients transform themselves as they explore their own thoughts and feelings and behaviors.You can transform yourself too! Have you decided...



I’m realizing that my fascination with resistance (my own and other people’s) has caused me to develop a crush on another word … I think it’s just a crush right now, but.. I’m so infatuated and excited and interested, I’m thinking and hoping it might blow up into a...

Value of a Vision Board

Value of a Vision Board

Two weeks ago I told you about 2 kinds of easy - and, right around the same time, I experienced the 2nd kind of easy - the flowy, alignment where everything just worked out perfectly. One morning, as I was journaling, I got the idea that I should offer a Vision Board...

Who are you?

You are a working millennial womanYou don’t expect a trophy for showing up. You don’t need constant positive reinforcement … but you also don’t need constant negative self talk.

You don’t need the overwhelm, fear and uncertainty that you carry around with you. I know that about you. We should talk.

Who Is Coaching For?

I work with millennial women in the workforce who are dealing with doubt, guilt and insecurity. You are my favorites!

I help you release the resistance that is blocking you from the life you want.

How to get yourself unstuck?

Get Awareness around your Thinking

Check your thoughts against the results that you want

Release the resistance that is holding you back and move ahead

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