Sheridan recently decided to get started with journaling. So I invited her (back) on the Release your Resistance podcast to tell us all about how her new journaling routine is going

Sheridan is Getting Started with Journaling

In this episode, Sheridan shares: 

💖 The benefits she wants to get from journaling (aka the reason she decided to start journaling)

💖 The real-life resistant thoughts she had about journaling and how 2 conversations with journalers helped her to drop the “should” and just start

💖 How perfectionism tried to sneak in to Sheridan’s journaling practice

💖 The specific, exact ways she is overcoming resistance and embracing imperfection in her own consistent journaling

Our Friendly Journaling Conversation

The 2 of us also had so much fun talking about:

👯‍♀️ Our strongly held beliefs about the importance of “the right pen” for journaling

👯‍♀️ Our theories on why we it might not be “the pen’s fault” but what we’re thinking as we’re journaling

👯‍♀️ Why and how to use bullet points when you’re pressed for time or have a lot to remember to write about

👯‍♀️ What you can tell yourself if you worry someone might read your journal

👯‍♀️ The awkwardness in journaling and re-reading journal entries

👯‍♀️ What we imagine it would be like to hear our journals read out loud

I’m so thankful Sheridan took time to talk with me about getting started with journaling. Our beautiful conversation is all about embracing authenticity, overcoming resistance, and finding joy in documenting life’s journey.

Journals We Talked About

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A Melon Things to be Thankful For 

Anxiety Succs 

Love Your Life Workbook 

3 Suggestions for Getting Started with Journaling

  • Decide a consistent journaling routine will be beneficial
  • Start journaling immediately – on whatever type of journal you have access to right now (even if it’s your phone)
  • Be aware and prepared for any awkwardness

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