Are you into astrology? Or don’t know much about it?

On the other hand, do you love hearing people talk about topics they truly love and know?

In this episode you will hear a fun conversation from an astrology expert to learn all about:

  • How and why she got into studying astrology at a very early age
  • How astrology benefits her in relationships and work today
  • Why she doesn’t need (or desire) to convert anyone to believe in astrology
  • What about if someone has resistance to hearing about astrology
  • What you can do if you have resistance to learning astrology (but you want to)

And, at the end of our talk, Sheridan tells us about

  • her dream life
  • her favorite advice
  • an irrational fear she used to have
  • and an amazing talent she didn’t even know she had

This conversation was so fun and interesting! I hope you enjoy listening in!

During the call, we also talked about Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs – 

And finally, you can contact Sheridan on Instagram at



📸 3 phases of the moon photo : Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash