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Your new Journaling Membership is launching in 2024

Being a member of this community means you get: 
  • upgraded monthly meetups (in addition to all the current free meetups)
  • a weekly-ish book club
  • access to a library with recorded trainings
  • a way to invest in yourself and this community that is meaningful to you
  • and more
This is an invested membership, meaning you’ll be spending your time and money to be a member.
There will be a discounted Founding Members price for a limited number of early members.
Get the lower membership price as long as you remain a member.
Take a look inside the Journaling Friends Community:

Wanna join a book club?!

One of my favorite and most life changing books is
In March and April 2024, I’m hosting an invested book club – we’ll have an online space for discussions and reminders  and we will meet each Tuesday evening on Zoom to discuss 1 chapter per week.
You do NOT want to miss this amazing book club/study group experience! Find out more!

More options for you:

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