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Your new Journaling Membership is launching in 2024

Being a member of this community means you get: 
  • upgraded monthly meetups (in addition to all the current free meetups)
  • a weekly-ish book club
  • access to a library with recorded trainings
  • a way to invest in yourself and this community that is meaningful to you
  • and more
This is an invested membership, meaning you’ll be spending your time and money to be a member.
There will be a discounted Founding Members price for a limited number of early members.
Get the lower membership price as long as you remain a member.
Be notified as soon as the founding member option is available: Join the Waitlist!

In the meantime, share your opinions and preferences!

Your opinion is important to me! I want to learn more about why you would or wouldn’t be likely to invest and join.

Here are a few ways you can share your input:

You can schedule a call at your convenience:

You can also answer the questions on a google form whenever you want – no scheduling required:

More options for you until it launches:

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