What is Resistance Coaching?

It’s a YOU-focused approach

Here’s what YOU get when you coach with me:

  • Clear, easy-to-understand feedback about what YOU are thinking and creating in your life
  • A personalized perspective relevant to YOU and your situation (with patterns to look out for and danger zones to avoid)
  • A retelling to you of YOUR situations and circumstances in ways YOUR brain loves to take in and understand information (stories, metaphors, examples) so that you can see what is possible for you by viewing it with some distance and a new perspective
  • Someone who believes in you 100% and does not doubt or worry that what you want might not be possible 

Here’s our process: 

  • You tell me what is happening for you and I tell it back to you in different ways
  • I help you explore what YOU want and need
  • Once you know what you want, I will be your biggest cheerleader and believer
  • You bring me whatever you are dealing with. I will not judge you or think I know what’s best for you
  • You use the feedback as a template to move towards what you want

I have used this process on myself to create the life I want. 

I can share stories of my clients who have created what they want for themselves. 

You can be the next success story of someone who is getting what they want!

If you’re ready, book a 45 minute call to find out how we can work together. 

Before Coaching with Bex

During + After Coaching with Bex

You feel stuck

You want something, but you don’t just go for it

You don’t know how to move towards what you want

You start and then quit (and blame and shame yourself for quitting)

You don’t have a lot of confidence in getting what you want

You keep thinking about making a change and keep not doing it (even though you want to)

You can clearly identify and isolate the resistance that holds you back

You start to take action and do what you want

You become a person who just does things and gets what you want

You feel so proud of yourself for what you are doing and creating

You start recognizing your skill, experience and belief to go get what you want

You decide to make a change – then you make the change!

Book a free 45 minute call to talk about the parts of your life and wellness that you want to transform. 

I’ll lead you through an exercise to give you awareness around your thoughts and results, I’ll answer your questions, and we’ll decide if we are a fit to work together to get you the transformation you want.

Working with Bex was incredibly helpful and eye-opening.

I had originally gotten in touch with her about a different topic, but she immediately saw that the real issue. She coached me to change my mindset, but also had a lot of practical tips for me. Bex is a very kind and positive person, and it was very easy to talk to her. I can absolutely recommend working with her.


Bex is wonderful to work with!

She has a very encouraging and engaging personality that inspires you to get outside your comfort zone to try something new.

Her coaching/teaching style is very organized and clear and she breaks things down into easy to understand steps.

I have already learned so much from her.


Bex knows how to get us out of our own way so we can produce results.

In just a couple of weeks she helped me finally complete a project I had been meandering through for 4 years.

It felt so good to have someone by my side helping me see through my excuses so I could finally get it done!


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