Get the Guided Notebook to Love Yourself: Improve Your Self-love Skills

Go Ahead – Pick Yourself Up! A guided notebook to improve your self-love skills

Reflect in the journal pages and be inspired by both the pick up lines and the prompts.

This book is a match made in heaven!  

  • It has a blend of humor and insight (A great collection of cheesy pick up lines)
  • It is funny and playful and the prompted pages will also help you explore your own thoughts to improve your self image
  • It makes a fun and thoughtful gift for yourself or a friend

Get your copy now!

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Journaling is a great tool for self-care, self-awareness and self-development. I would love to support you in your own journaling journey, either with a set of prompts, daily prompts (and a chance to journal together) and with a collection of journals and notebooks.

Plus, you can listen to my journaling journey and my journaling suggestions and tips on the Release Your Resistance Podcast.  

Podcast Episodes about Journaling

My beloved morning ritual has been such a gift to me, and I want to share it (or something like it) with you.  I’m curious if you have your own rituals that you stand by and make time for and look forward to every day. My Beloved Morning Ritual  (ep 14)

Hear some major breakthroughs and interesting realizations and endearing connections I have made as a result of my morning writing ritual. Breakthroughs during Writing (ep 15)

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Learn about an annual journaling practice that celebrates you personally (not the switchover from one year to another). See your own progress and transformations as you grow from year to year. Birthday Lists (ep 30)

I talk about my journaling practice and habit, what I do and what I don’t do, to give you some ideas and motivation about how and why you should and can journal daily. How to Journal Daily (ep 32)

There can be so much resistance to journaling daily. Rather than try to argue, we can notice the reasons why you may not want to or be able to journal daily. Let’s find some alternatives or other points of views or additional ways to think about journaling. Don’t Journal Daily (ep 73)

What type of journaler are you? Learn what the 3 types are. Hear how to match your journaling type with specific journals and notebooks. 3 Types of Journalers (ep 91)

Listen to Podcast Episodes about Journaling

(and other topics).