While you wait for Season 2 of the Release Your Resistance podcast, enjoy this “trip down memory lane” with the replay of a Facebook Live Video where I share my Journaling Journey

  • See the exact tools and supplies I use in my daily journaling
  • Hear why I didn’t journal daily- and what I did instead
  • Find out what to do if you “don’t know what to write”
  • and so much more!

Other people, concepts and ideas mentioned in this episode:

How to Journal Daily

My Manifesto

Aileen Xu

Jenny Blake

Monthly Interview

Get a Link to the Video

Do you want to get a link to the video mentioned in this post? It’s included in the folder that also contains the companion workbook, along with many of the exercises and worksheets that go along with each of the other posts on this site – so no matter when you joined me, and no matter what you’re currently working on, you can follow along with some worksheets, exercises and videos. Go get that link right now.

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