Today’s episode is the 3rd conversation with Sheridan Caprisecca

You’ve heard Sheridan in previous episodes discussing astrology and the specific topic of how to make it through mercury in retrograde. Sheridan’s had some major life transformations in the past 5 years and we go into detail about how she describes the changes.

Listen to our conversation to review the past 5 years and hear

✨ The #1 thing she has noticed throughout her transformation

✨ What was her burning desire in 2016

✨ What Sheridan has already figured out that I wish I knew at her age

✨ Why this cycle has seemed like a bell curve for her

✨ How she transitioned from having a burning desire to do something with her life to becoming a real estate investor

✨ The lessons she learned from her struggles in 2019 and 2020

✨ A new business venture that Sheridan and I could start to do something with recycle-able glass

Links to the previous interviews with Sheridan (plus other episodes we mentioned in this episode)

Life is the Story You Tell Yourself

Mr. Money Mustache

My Life in Playlists

Amazing ideas, quotes and episode reminders from this episode: 

“Life is the story you tell yourself.”

“I genuinely believe that I can accomplish any goal.”

“I found a lot of joy out of feeling physically healthy and it leads towards confidence and mental health.”

“Say no more often and put in boundaries.”

“I was afraid of what would happen if I didn’t make other people happy.” (Past tense!)

“Be full of yourself – in the sense of being full so you can give to others.”

“The tower year led to some really great things. “

Sheridan and I could start a new business venture to do something with recycle-able glass

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