Release your Resistance

Drop what’s holding you back from getting what you want

I’m Bex, your Resistance Coach

We can have conversations to change your life

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I love journaling!

I also love creating journals and notebooks and encouraging other people to journal too!

Feel open (instead of overwhelmed) about technology.

If you are not starting, not moving ahead, or not showing up in your business because the technology is too overwhelming and confusing, I can help you.

Coaching Scholarship

This quarter I am offering a free coaching scholarship for someone who is unable to pay for coaching.
The application process includes some reflective questions and a 45-minute info call.

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Meet the Love Starts Here Coach

Meet the Love Starts Here Coach

I’m so excited to introduce you to Melissa Snow on the Release your Resistance podcast today. She has helped hundreds of women stop attracting the same man in a different body so they can finally have the love they want and deserve.  Melissa is a ​​Certified Love and...

How to Love Social Media

How to Love Social Media

Let's talk about how to use social media and not be used by social media.  If you pay attention to anything you've probably heard and maybe you've even thought that social media is bad. It makes people feel bad about themselves. It's a waste of time.  But I have a...

January 2022

January 2022

I have so much to share with you today! The first episode of Season 3 of the Release Your Resistance Podcast I've started a new Business Brainstorming and Tech Tips Facebook Group - Join Me! I'm in the middle of an Instagram Experiment - Follow Me! Let's Connect. We...

How to get yourself unstuck?

Get Awareness around your Thinking

Check your thoughts against the results that you want

Release the resistance that is holding you back and move ahead

Who are you?

You don’t expect a trophy for showing up. You don’t need constant positive reinforcement … but you also don’t need constant negative self talk.

You don’t need the overwhelm, fear and uncertainty that you carry around with you. I know that about you. We should talk.

Who Is Coaching For?

I work with people who are dealing with doubt, guilt and insecurity. You are my favorites!

I help you release the resistance that is blocking you from the life you want.

Love Your Life. Even when you hate your job.

Maybe you think your career, your role, your opportunities, your work relationships (or a combination of all of those) are just what is happening to you. And they’re all outside of your control.

Transforming your life is 100% within your control. Let me show you how.

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