Have you ever heard the expression “You can never listen to the same podcast twice.” Maybe yes, if you’ve heard me say it to you before. 

Or maybe not, since I think I made it up. 

This phrase didn’t make it into either of the Mantra episodes” that I’ve posted, and “you can never listen to the same podcast twice is not necessarily a mantra for life, but I do love reminding myself and other people of that fact. 

Sometimes when I’m walking or driving, an episode will come up in my feed that I’ve already listened to. Initially, I’ll be a little disappointed that it came up.  Maybe I can’t immediately safely stop and change it . But then I remind myself that I can never listen to the same episode twice and I’ll relax and start paying attention. I always hear something new or different or get a new perspective that I didn’t hear the last time I listened to it. 

I recently heard the claim that the mark of a good movie or book is that someone wants to watch or read it a second time and when they do they get more out of it.  I’m hoping if you end up re-listening to (or reading) my episodes (or posts) you’ll get even more the second time around. 

Since I had so much fun revisiting a topic from last year in last week’s episode, I thought I would do it again this week with an Episode Remix. 

Now that I’m approaching 100 episodes, I want to give you a quick reference guide of specific individual episodes you can listen (or relisten) to depending on what’s going on in your life at any given time. 

Which Episodes Rate a Re-Listen

For some broad categories, let’s label the possible relisten times as when things are going great, when things are ok and when things are terrible. 

I have a few episode suggestions for each of those categories. 

I am also so curious to hear which episodes have been your favorites and which episode YOU would recommend if someone is feeling great, feeling ok or feeling terrible. 

Episodes to Listen to When Things are Great

Last Best Thing Model 

Since things are going so well for you, it is the perfect time to notice the good things that happen in your life and consider why they happen. I’m recommending you relisten to the Last Best Thing Model episode.

To get the most out of this episode, it may be helpful to listen to the prequel episode about how a tool called The Model changed my life. But even if you don’t want to go that far back, in the Last Best Thing Model I do give a quick overview of what the tool, the Model, is.  Then I share how you can plug whatever is good that’s happening for you into the model to discover what thoughts created all that goodness. 

This is helpful for gratitude, for giving yourself credit and hopefully, you can find ways to use those powerful thoughts intentionally in other ares of your life as well.  

Intangible Generosity 

Since things are going so great, you may also be feeling pretty abundant and expansive, and maybe even generous. 

In the Intangible Generosity episode from the beginning of 2021, I share so many different examples of how you can be generous.

It’s kind of interesting that I’m including this recommendation in this category, because when I wrote the episode, I don’t think I was feeling great. Maybe that’s what prompted me to write about my generosity misunderstanding. Go ahead and listen (or relisten) to that episode to hear how you can practice intangible generosity.


I have one honorable mention for you while we’re still focusing on when you’re feeling great. This might be the perfect time for you to come up with some new mantras for yourself to repeat when things aren’t quite as good as they are now. This topic only gets to be honorable mention because just last week, I did a follow up episode sharing some new mantras I’ve been using. But, it is a really good episode. This might be the reminder you need to go back and listen to the original mantra episode from last year too, if you haven’t already. 

Episodes to Listen to When Things are Okay

Let’s move on to talk about which episodes you might want to listen to if you’re feeling okay right now. 

If some things are going pretty well for you while other things aren’t as good, I have some ideas. Maybe you would be interested in hearing some lessons I learned from a very unexpected source. 

Or maybe, if you are open for a change and you are curious about transformation. 

Concepts that Changed My Life

The main episode I have to bring up for this category is about the topics that really showed up for me before what I consider my major life transformation about 5 years ago. Leading up to 2015, so many important concepts made their way into my awareness and my life. I shared the sources and reasons why I believe my life has been so much better in the past few years. Go check out the 6 concepts that changed my life.  

Open for a Change

If things are going pretty okay for you right now and you are feeling good and you also might be open for a change, I have a few suggestions to direct you to. 

Lessons Learned from Zumba

The first one has been getting some attention lately. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe this episode has been linked to from another site or people are just searching for the words in its title organically. It is 5 lessons I learned from Zumba

Even just skimming some of the lessons without hearing all the context, you know it’s a really good episode with ideas like “Momentum Works.” Also, you can recognize that you don’t need to stay in a situation that’s not serving you. And, another mantra-worthy expression:  “seasons change and it’s fine.”

That Zumba episode is overflowing with good stuff. 


Another ideal episode to listen to if things are ok for you right now (not great, not terrible) is all about how you can transform your life to be even better. I share a few different types of transformation for you to consider the transformation you want in your life in the episode called Transformation

Don’t confuse that episode from early 2020 with the 5 Year Transformation episode I shared in August of this year.  But that’s a good one too if you are curious to hear how my life has transformed over a 5 year period and where I think it might be going. 

Do you ever look at your life in 5 year increments? Do you think this might be a good time to reflect on your recent 5 years? What kind of transformation do you want for yourself?

Episodes to Listen to When Things are Terrible

Troubleshooting Terrible

The most obvious episode to listen to if things are terrible for you is my explanation of 3 options you could use that make up the Terrible Triad

We’ve all felt terrible about something or about someone or about ourselves.⁠

You could immediately try to change the situation. I don’t necessarily recommend that though. You could wait for it to work itself out. That option carries a risk though. In the Troubleshooting Terrible episode I share a better option for you. Can you guess (or remember) what it is? 

You’ve got to go listen to hear why I think management is the best option when things are terrible. 

Pep Talk

Another episode for when someone is feeling terrible that may seem pretty obvious from the title is Pep Talk

But, instead of the generic “this too shall pass” type of encouragement you might expect,  in this episode I share 2 specific suggestions for you in a non-traditional pep talk. I even share a fun metaphor for cognitive dissonance.

Everything and Nothing

One of my most favorite episodes that I frequently direct people to when they just want to try out my podcast is the Everything and Nothing episode. 

I think of this episode as one of my most powerful ones- even if it’s only powerful for me to think about. 

I really built it up when I first published it in early 2020 by promising I was sharing the secret to the universe! I share why I truly believe that the only thing you control is your own thinking and that everything else is outside of your control.  I want to convince you that understanding the everything and nothing secret is so liberating. It really can make everything better.

A Few Extra Recommendations

So those are a handful of episodes you can listen to depending on how you are feeling. Now you know where to go when things are great, ok or terrible. 

Did I leave any out? Are you wondering about another category that I should have included?

I do have a few extra, situational ideas for you too. Each of the episodes I want to remind you of next are also worthy of a re-listen. 

Birthday Lists

In the Birthday Lists episode I share a fun, celebratory and personal way that you can set goals for yourself and see your own progress and transformations as you grow, year after year. ⁠

I hope you can hear from my own personal experience with making birthday lists how much this works and how much I love my birthday list-making practice.⁠

Of course, since this practice involves writing and list making, I created a specific notebook centered completely around the birthday list practice. 

As you are thinking about what to give as birthday gifts, you could consider giving someone this fun little notebook along with a link to the episode explaining the process. 

Vision Board

Recently, at one of my in-person journaling meetups, someone brought up the suggestion of using one of our sessions as a time to create vision boards together. I could feel myself getting very agitated and probably visibly twitchy because I do have such strongly held beliefs about the right way to create a vision board. 

I share those very opinionated ideas both in the Vision Board episode and in a recorded Vision Board Workshop.

I believe that a vision board is your own self-created personalized marketing piece. I don’t think you can just show up one afternoon in a room with scissors and a glue stick and a stack of magazines to create it.

If you are ready for a little vision board attitude, go check out that episode or the workshop. 

Dream Interpretation

Do you dream? Some people don’t dream, I do. I love interpreting dreams – my own and other people’s. ⁠It isn’t uncommon for a friend or family member to call or text me to share what they dreamed about last night. It’s even more common for me to write out a crazy dream I had the night before when I journal in the morning. 

In the How to Interpret Your Dreams episode, I teach you how to interpret dreams. I share my 3-step process that you can use to interpret your own dreams. Since the time of that recording, I have created a companion dream journal that outlines the steps. The notebook gives you space to record and interpret your dreams. 

Looking for a Favorite Teacher

Remember in Season 1, I used to highlight one of my favorite teachers on the first Friday of each month. If you’re looking for a teacher, or mentor, or author or other podcast recommendations, you might want to listen to what I love and appreciate and what I’ve learned from my favorite teachers

Episode Index

As I have been putting all these recommendations and ideas together for you for today’s episode, I have been reminded that I frequently think I should create an episode index so that people can easily find a specific episode rather than have to scroll through dozens and dozens of episodes on their app or on my site. 

Would you find an episode index helpful? Would you use it?

How do you find episodes that you want to listen to or relisten to for a specific way that you are currently feeling or about a specific topic you want to learn more about?

Another Place to “Listen”

Did you know I have started to put the earlier Release your Resistance episodes from last year on YouTube!? I am converting the episodes and uploading them just 1 or 2 per week as a way to make this seemingly overwhelming project more manageable for me. So far, I have 44 episodes converted and posted on Youtube. That’s 16 hours of content!

If you are feeling generous and helpful, go to my youtube channel and subscribe. Maybe even relisten to the first 44 episodes there to get each of those videos some views and feel free to comment so YouTube knows that you liked them and maybe it will suggest those episodes to other people too. 

YouTube channel 

Other Ways to Connect

I also wanted to let you know about some other ways we can connect either in email, online or in person in the coming weeks. 

Next week I will be sending out the November Notebook Newsletter where I preview some of the newer notebooks and journals in the shop and also share some helpful information about note taking, list making or writing. 

Make sure you are subscribed to the notebook newsletter 

If you want to meet on Zoom and have a voice to voice or face to face conversation with me from the comfort of our own locations, on the first Thursday of each month, I host Podclub. So next Thursday November 4th 2021 we will be discussing an interview with the author of the book The Gratitude Diaries. Please listen to that episode and join us!

If you want to say hi to me in person, on Sunday November 14th 2021 from 1 to 4 pm, I will be participating in a fundraising shopping event that benefits the Paint for a Cure Organization that helps families coping with ALS. 

You can get more information about Podclub and the shopping fundraiser event on the Let’s Meet page.