I’d love to introduce you to my friend Valerie. 

Valerie Clark is an Arizona real estate agent and property manager who has seen some major transformations in her life in the past 5 years. Some were planned and hoped for – some were unexpected. 

Listen to our conversation to time travel with us and hear

  • Why she was initially hesitant to join me on the podcast
  • Her coping skill for a challenging living situation and how that new skill continues to help her today
  • How her career changed at the end of 2018  – even though it hadn’t seemed possible before
  • What amazingly interesting podcast she should probably start (she would have so many stories to tell!) 
  • The magical surprise that happened in 2021 – which might seem life changing, but hasn’t changed much in reality
  • Valerie’s prediction for herself (and technology) in the future

Amazing ideas, quotes and reminders from this episode: 

“Go with the flow.”

Exercise is more mental than physical as far as well-being goes.

Get stronger, get healthier! It’s huge for the mental game!

I’m learning all about technology. It’s fun for me because I love creating!

It’s crazy how much advancement happens year over year. 

Public Service Announcement: you can borrow audio books from the library (reach out to me if you need help setting it up).

Who will you be in 2026?

“I have truly felt so much growth and gained so much knowledge. I’m so excited about my industry and career.”

“I was hellbent on doing it and proving to myself that I could.” 

“I was conquering those mountains that seemed so scary. I gained a lot of confidence in my skills and abilities that I didn’t have before.”

I no longer put up with other people’s drama. 

2020 forced us to take some time to self-reflect. We noticed things that we weren’t happy with and had the time to make the changes, so we did. 

Contact Valerie on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/happyvalre/  or go to her website (coming soon) at https://buywithvalre.com/