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Zayne Khan – Guest Interview – Unlocking Creativity through Journaling

Today I’m so excited to share another guest interview with you. 

He’s another “returning champion.”  Almost 2 years ago, Zayne Khan and I talked about how and why he started journaling. 

Today he’s back to share how his journaling practice has developed and evolved, the benefits he gets from journaling and how we can unlock our creativity through journaling!

Here’s a link to our last conversation: Zayne’s Journaling Transformation

Connect with Zayne: instagram.com/friendshipcoachzayne/

Main Points about Unlocking Creativity through Journaling

Creativity can be learned and practiced and developed. 

You can journal even when you don’t feel inspired or motivated.

Creativity can be in so many different areas. 

Summary of our Conversation

Our conversation explores Zayne’s entry into journaling. He shares insights into overcoming barriers, particularly the misconception that journaling is only for inspired or motivated moments. 

Zayne’s journaling practice includes a morning gratitude journaling routine and an evening reflection practice. We talk about the positive impact of daily reflection on memory and overall well-being.

We explore how journaling serves as a tool to unlock creativity. Prompts and dedicated journaling sessions can stimulate creative thinking and generate so many ideas. The concept of creativity extends beyond traditional artistic pursuits, embracing creativity in conversations and generating unique ideas during daily interactions.

We share the importance of recognizing and acknowledging the “spark of creativity” that occurs during journaling sessions. Sharing ideas with others and maintaining a dedicated journal for tracking your ideas can help unlock your creativity.

We end our talk with a motivational message, encouraging you to explore journaling for yourself!

Memorable Quotes from our Conversation

“My biggest challenge was thinking that I could only journal when I felt inspired or motivated. The biggest thing you taught me was that doesn’t necessarily have to be true.”

“Within the daily reflection, my memory is so much better. I live with ADHD, and the daily reflection involves reflecting on what I did during the day. When you create an emotional connection to what you’re remembering, you’re more likely to remember it.”

“Give yourself the opportunity to explore journaling. If you’re here, there’s a chance that something we’re saying is resonating with you, and that’s worth exploring.”

This Week’s Featured Notebook

Zayne talked about using (what I would call) formatted journals – instead of just blank journals. He has space for gratitude, reflection, affirmations. There’s a structure there for him so that journaling only needs to take 5 minutes.

So, this week’s featured journal is a formatted option for you to try. It’s a list journal. It might take you longer than 5 minutes to fill out a prompt – but that’s part of the beauty of it!

Each set of pages encourages to make a list of 10 items around a specific topic -and let me tell you, this stretches your brain! It causes your mind to go looking for really good answers – inside of yourself!

It is usually pretty easy to come up with item numbers 1-3 or 4 on the list, and when you start thinking about what to write for the higher numbers, you really start to engage your memory, your imagination and yes, you even start to unlock your creativity.

You can leave it at your list of 10, or, you can also use the facing page to make note of your thoughts, a new understanding, your reaction or reflections. 

I’m so excited for you to unlock your creativity with this book of 52 Lists for Self Discovery

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