So many of us are going through life on default, reacting to what happens to us and assuming that’s how it is and how it will always be. And so many of us are aware that something different, or better exists.. But we might not be aware that the different or better existence is available to us- RIGHT NOW! Or, even if we are aware.. We might not take action towards it, or believe it’s available to us because of our resistance.

Over the episodes in this podcast I’ll teach you how you can release your resistance. By doing this, I’m learning how to believe in myself, how to gain confidence and create my own motivation.

Right now, there may be a barrier between you and a relationship with yourself and life that you love and appreciate, but that barrier is self-created resistance and totally optional. I’ll show you how I broke through that barrier, and how you can too! I’ll show you how you can release your resistance.

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