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Why you Do need a Facebook Business Page

Here’s why I think you DO need a fb business page – and why it is valuable to you, even if fb doesn’t put your business posts in people’s feeds.
Do you have your fb business page listed as your employer?
Why or why not?

Quickly Scan through Facebook Groups

People say they do NOT like facebook because it’s a “time waster.”
What if you could frequently see what’s new in groups, engage, meet people, and connect in just 20 minutes a day?
You can! It works!
Here’s how I spend just 20 minutes a day in lots of different facebook groups.

Procrastination Hack

If you’re putting something off because you really don’t want to do it or it feels overwhelming, just tell yourself you’ll do just 20 minutes of it- then you’re free to quit. ⁠
When I do this, and set my timer on my watch and commit to 20 minutes, I realize I can either do way more than I think in just 20 minutes.. and/or by the time I hit the 20 minute mark, momentum has taken over so I just keep going.⁠
Have you used this 20 minute tip?
Or, how do you overcome procrastination and just get started? Watch the replay of a Master your Procrastination Workshop.

iphone and Apple watch displaying the timer app

Engagement Experiment

Here are the results of my 1st engagement experiment on Instagram.
What happens when you start a new account from zero and engage for 30 minutes a day for 30 days? Watch and see!

5 steps for Social Media

Have you tried this method? Would you?
What questions do you still have after watching?
Did any resistance come up? 😘

Bookmark Bar Folder

Here’s why I love to use bookmark folders to organize links to everything I use in my business.
Do you do this too?
Would you create bookmark folders to get to your most used places quickly?
(PLUS! bonus! I share a resource for free stock photos and my Instagram Experiment in this video!)