Watch this 6-minute video for an overview of the Engagement Experiment

Improve and Increase Engagement on Instagram!

Here’s what we are doing:

  • (On our own) spending 30 intentional minutes a day for 30 days on IG – you choose the time you’ll engage each day
  • Engaging before posting
  • Posting mostly every day – or as close as possible
  • Recording progress 1x per week
  • Noticing accounts of our ideal clients, hashtags they probably follow, similar account to us and leaders in our industry (and adding all of those to a list)
  • Option to get a small group together for a small group support call (if applicable) 
  • Remembering that this is an experiment to see what happens!

Here’s what to get ready

  • An idea of the kinds of clients you want to to follow you on IG (they are your Ideal Client Account)
  • A list of hashtags your ICA might follow
  • A list of accounts that are similar to you (your account twins)
  • A list of people in your industry who are crushing it (and who will inspire you)
  • A rough outline of what you will post in the next 30 days (this can change) 
    • Use the 5 Simple Steps document to Map out your Month

Plan this 30 day experiment for yourself or a small group.

Here’s what you get:

  • Intentional Engagement Plan in a google sheet (this alone is worth more than $49)
  • Orientation Video: How this Experiment works (also worth more than $49)
  • Tips and Strategies Mini-Workshop (in the Experiment Launch Video – also worth more than $49)
  • Fun way to get familiar and comfortable with Instagram (if you don’t use it much now)
  • Specific way to measure and celebrate your progress