Use this proven process to easily create a month of social media content in a resistance-free way. 

No more overwhelm! No more not knowing what or when to post! No more worrying about your social media!

Get the workbook and learn to create your own Social Media content.

Use this workbook to map out your social media in a simple way.

Plus, you get a proven guided step-by-step process to tell you exactly how to plan your content.

This book includes:

  • A matte-finish cover for an elegant look and feel
  • Lists of questions for you to consider about how you want to show up on social – and then more questions to help you think of what to post
  • Space to map out 3 months of content

This book is perfect for so many reasons:

    • It simplifies the overwhelming content creation process for the social media beginner
    • It gives you a visual of what and when you’ll post and lets you choose your own frequency and consistency
    • You can plan your social media posts in your most relaxing way – without staring at a screen

Have fun planning your posts!