Let's Schedule Your Coaching

In a resistance coaching session, I help you:

Notice your thoughts.

Question them.

Come up with alternatives.


Frequently Asked

How can we work together?

You can schedule a zoom or phone session with me. It can be either a coaching session or just a conversation (or a mix of both). 

How do we meet? by phone? by Zoom?

My scheduling service will send you a zoom link. We can meet with cameras on or off -your choice. 

We can also use the phone-only option of Zoom. So you have a “one-tap” number to click from your calendar event to join our audio-only call.

Do you offer refunds or a reschedule if I miss my appointment?

Unfortunately, refunds are not available at this time. Please check your schedule prior to booking your session to make sure it will work for you. If you do need to reschedule, look for the purple reschedule button on the confirmation email you received. 

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