Have you been to the dentist lately? 

Did you have a great connection with your dental hygienist?

Either way – you’ve got to meet Hope Loyd and listen to today’s episode to hear our fun conversation. 

Hope is the host of the Gums and Gossip podcast (and I joined her as a guest earlier this year). 

Throughout our conversation, you’ll learn:

🦷  how we connected and the story behind the unexpected topics for our conversation on her podcast

🦷  how and why she makes her patients (and podcast listeners) feel connected, at ease, safe and nurtured

🦷 why does a dental hygienist have a podcast and how she started it even though it was out of her comfort zone

🦷 what has evolved since Hope became the Gum Goddess Podcaster!

🦷 how Hope has overcome her resistance with setting boundaries

Connect with Hope

Here’s where you can follow Hope and her podcast: 


Follow Hope on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gumsngossip/ 

Connect with Hope on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gumsandgossip 

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