I’m so excited to introduce you to Brenda Kolasa. She is a business success coach who specializes in creative thinking solutions.

Listen to our conversation to learn:

⭐️ What is Kaizen and how can it help with overwhelm

⭐️ How to approach procrastination during busy times

⭐️ The 3 things our brains resist

⭐️ How to use 3 small things to be playful and cooperative

⭐️ Why we should pre-practice potentially anxiety-filled situations

And so much more!

Links to Everything

Brenda’s free 12 days of Business Building Gifts: https://bit.ly/12daysofbusinessgifts  

Apply for a free Business Building Accelerator Session at https://bit.ly/coachinggrowthsession 

You can learn more about Brenda at her website: https://brendakolasa.com/