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Maybe you feel stuck. Maybe you want to feel differently than you do, but you don’t know how. You just need help bringing your better life into reality. You need help making your transformation a reality.

Transforming your life is 100% within your control. You just need awareness about what you are currently creating for yourself. I can help you get that awareness. I can help you discover the transformation you want for yourself and believe it is possible. 

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Surrender Study Group

I’m manifesting a magical study group of like minded friends to meet weekly in March and April 2021 for a deep dive into the book It’s Not Your Money

I’ve just finished this book and LOVED it so much and can’t wait to discuss with others and put into practice.

  • we have a facebook group to discuss online
  • we’ll meet weekly on Wednesday evenings on Zoom
  • hear questions and comments from other fans of this life-changing book


Love your life – even when you hate your job.

Maybe you think your career, your role, your opportunities, your work relationships (or a combination of all of those) are just what is happening to you. And they’re all outside of your control.

Transforming your life is 100% within your control. Let me show you how.

Podcast Party Pack

Change your life by listening to podcasts. You’ll get a few podcast episodes that can help you transform yourself and your life. 

  • Curious about what resistance is, how it shows up and what you can do about it? 
  • Want to hear about transformation and how you can create it for yourself? 
  • Want some practical tips you can apply towards your own transformation?

You’ll also get a companion workbook with worksheets from the episodes.

And, it wouldn’t be a party without a special surprise gift!

Master Your Procrastination Workshop

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? Watch the replay of this workshop to learn a few of the reasons why we procrastinate and hear a few suggestions and tips (both practical and IMPRACTICAL) about how to Master Your Procrastination!

Podcast Companion Workbook

Get a digital version of the companion workbook to the Release Your Resistance podcast! It has many of the exercises and worksheets that go along with each of the episodes – so no matter when you started listening, and no matter what episode you’re currently on, you can follow along with most of the worksheets and exercises that you’ve heard about.

Declutter Practice

Do you want to edit some belongings from your space? Are you trying to lighten up and let some things go?

Join me for 33 days  – every day I’ll send you an email with a prompt- an area of your home to edit.

Value of a Vision Board Workshop

This is “not your momma’s” vision board workshop! You will learn the surprising do’s and don’ts of creating your next (or your first!) vision board.
No scissors, glue or magazines required!