Social Media Content Workbook for Beginners

even if you don’t like social media!

“This workbook made the planning process so easy for me. I don’t want to spend anymore time staring at my screen than I need to so this helped me plan for social media without being on the computer.”

“I used what I learned in from this process to easily create a month of posts for social media. I was so overwhelmed before and now I know exactly what to post.”

“I’m not really a social media person and could never think of anything interesting to post. Now I have a strategy that works for me and feels like me.”

You can easily and simply create posts for social media a month in advance.

A step-by-step guide to make planning your social content less overwhelming

A notebook with prompts to think of what to post and a blank calendar to map out your month at a time.

Are you a social media beginner who just feels overwhelmed at the thought of posting on social consistently? Do you feel like you’re flooding your feed with the same posts all the time? Are you wondering what you should post?

Use this workbook to map out your social media in a simple way.

Plus, you get a proven guided step-by-step process to tell you exactly how to plan your content.

Have fun planning your posts!