I want to introduce you to one of my favorite teachers. I had a different topic planned for today but instead, I’m so grateful for one of my favorite teachers who agreed to have a conversation for today’s post. 

A Conversation with Nicole Perkins, Inner Voice Facilitator

I’d love to introduce you to Nicole Perkins, she is an Inner Voice Facilitator and fellow Jess Lively Fan. I met her because she got certified through Jess’s Inner Voice Facilitator Training. I got connected with her to have her facilitate an inner voice session for me. 

We’re both fans of Jess Lively. In the interview, you can hear how Nicole got involved with Inner Voice Facilitator work (getting certified in Jess’s Inner Voice Facilitator Training program). We discuss how we both believe that “I have all the answers within myself.” 

Nicole describes her own Inner Voice session and releasing “emotional bean bags.” It’s anytime we feel discomfort, pain or resistance in the body. This tension starts with our thoughts, then shows up in our body. 

How to Answer Questions with your Inner Voice

So many people right now are looking outward for answers and want to know the right answers. Nicole has some advice about how we can answer the questions with our own inner voices. She suggests we go within to feel for what resonates, to ask our own intuition for what we should do right now. 

She describes how to talk with your inner voice by writing to it- even if you’re just starting to get to know and listen to your intuition. 

We talk about what to do if you have an unintentional resistance (or if your ego is driving). Or what if you’re unable to hear your intuition or drop down into your inner voice. Nicole has a suggestion about what to do in that case. 

Nicole answers my question about her experience with Tarot and we both delight about how her work is very similar to what the High Priestess card represents. 

The Difference between Ego and Inner Voice

We get into the difference between the ego and the inner voice and how to understand those two different voices. Can we compare the ego to the social self and the inner voice to the essential self? Which part of ourselves are we listening to?

When Nicole works with clients, she helps them drop the social self so that the essential self can shine through so brightly. 

Nicole shares her biggest advice about right and wrong (hint, there is no right or wrong). We are loved beyond what our mind can even conceptualize. Showing up as ourselves is good enough – but what if we don’t believe that? Nicole gives me a quick inner voice session in the middle of the interview to get an answer to that question. (Hint- the answer is that it’s a practice). 

Our Current Climate

And, before wrapping up, Nicole shares that in the climate we’re in right now, knowing that it is a sensitive time for black people and for everyone, her work allows her to give everyone permission to feel how they feel. There’s nothing they need to do, unless it is guided by their intuition. This is a time when we all can shine and share. No matter who we are. We can promote black voices while we also hold space for other people. 

Nicole is on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/metaphysicalme_/ . She offers classic Inner Voice Work and she’s also offering a Healing Emotional Dissonance- it’s work around emotional release and also implementing a talk with the inner voice around race and the discussion right now. It’s a transformative experience. Her website to book a session is https://www.metaphysicalme.com/.

Thank you Nicole!

And just as a thank you card, love note and fan letter from me to Nicole! It was such a pleasure speaking with you.. Thank you So MUCH for making yourself available to share your thoughts, your wisdom, your insight, your gifts and your time with me. 

You are truly gifted and talented at what you do, and I’m sure that anyone who takes you up on your offer to work with you will find the answers they seek inside of them with your help, your guidance and your gifts as you lead them to tap into their own intuition. 

You have such an easy and approachable manner that I’m sure that even someone who’s nervous or not sure, or maybe even scared about what they may uncover will feel safe and supported with you as their guide. 

I also appreciate your generosity and kindness in taking time away from yourself, your work and your own self care during this stressful time to so freely and openly share your perspective and your experience.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed learning more about how to tap into your own Inner Voice, and possibly getting guided help from a certified inner voice facilitator. What questions do you have about Nicole or about Inner Voice Work?