Benefits of a Daily Writing Practice

You know those icebreaker questions like 

“what could you talk about for 20 minutes with no preparation” 


“if you were kidnapped, they would return you because you couldn’t stop talking about [subject]”

My topic is journaling! I keep finding other podcasts where I can be a guest to discuss why I’m so into journaling. 

Recently, I got to be interviewed by Monica on the Confidence Counsel podcast and it was AMAZING!

Here’s what we talked about: 

📓 How to get started with journaling

📓 What to expect from your journaling practice

📓 My suggestions for beginner journalers and journalers who want to expand their practice

📓 Our favorite benefits of journaling

The Confidence Counsel Podcast

Monica Burkoth is a trial lawyer, mom and wife. On her podcast, Confidence Counsel, she leads honest and inspiring conversations with experts, entrepreneurs, authors and spiritual teachers on topics such as personal development, career, mindfulness, work-life balance, spirituality, wellness and more.

You can expect direct, no-nonsense advice, coupled with actionable steps that you can start taking today to embrace your authentic self and become more aligned with your dream life.

You can hear conversations about the power of your individuality, beating fatigue and boosting your energy, overcoming limiting beliefs and so many more topics. Go listen now: 

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Check out the List Journal

One of the journals we talked about in this episode is the List Journal.

Each set of pages has a topic for you to make a List of 10 things about. 

It’s easy to list out the first 4 or 5 – and the BEST ideas and memories come out as you let your brain keep coming up with more items for the list. 

This gives you an easy, low commitment way to journal.

You can use the list notebook as frequently as you like- make one list a week, make a list when you feel like it or use it daily.

Get the List Journal:

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