Manage your Mind – Workshops + Discussions

Learn how Thoughts are Optional

Believing in options applies to thoughts in all different areas of your life: relationship, career, business, and confidence in general.

Knowing and reminding yourself that thoughts are optional let’s you purposefully and intentionally decide which thoughts help you and which thoughts are not as helpful. Then you can opt out of the thoughts that don’t get you what you want. 

We will continue the topic we started discussing last month in the Manage your Mind workshop (attending last month is not a pre requisite). 

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Mind Management is a great tool for self-care, self-awareness and self-development. I would love to support you in learning how to manage your mind with these workshops and discussions and with 1-on-1 coaching. You can manage whatever is bothering you!

Plus, you can listen to my theories, explanations and tips about how to manage your mind on the Release Your Resistance Podcast.


Manage your Mind and your Emotions with the Perfect Feelings Notebook for Daily Journaling

A place to notice and get curious about your thoughts and emotions.

This feelings journal lets you notice what you’re feeling and explore the thoughts creating that feeling.

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Podcast Episodes about Mind Management

Worse Case/Best Case –  (ep 6)
Learn how to develop the skill of noticing and thinking of the best case scenario (not always the worst case scenario!)
How the Model changed my life –  (ep 9)
I use the Model, a self-coaching tool, to see what result a thought I’m thinking is getting for me. You can use it to manage your mind. Hear how you can use this tool to change your life.
Everything and Nothing –  (ep 22)
What if you understood and truly believed that the only thing you control is your own thinking?
Everything else is outside of your control. Listen to the everything + nothing episode to learn more.
Lies we tell ourselves –  (ep 49)
Do you believe some lies?⁠ You probably believe lies you tell yourself.
Once you’re aware of all the lying and believing… you can decide if you want to continue deceiving yourself -or – if you want to be more intentional about what lies you tell yourself and believe, on purpose!⁠
Motion and the Model –  (ep 75)
How do you think about what you’re thinking? How do you decide what you have to think? Or should think?
How do you know what thoughts you can ignore or replace?
Get tips and reminders for how to use the model for self coaching and hear a real life example of how to apply the model with the motions.
Pep Talk –  (ep 81)
How about a pep talk? I have 2 specific suggestions for you in this non-traditional pep talk.
Listen to the episode to hear a fun metaphor for cognitive dissonance, ways you can identify specific thoughts you are thinking and questions you can ask yourself to check your thinking.

Listen to Podcast Episodes about Mind Management

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