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Have you ever thought of using a site like Meetup to make new friends?

Louisa Balch invited me on her podcast “You Can Make Friends” to share my experiences and success doing just that!

If attending a Meetup where you don’t know anyone sounds super intimidating, here is a super positive approach to it that might just give you that boost of confidence. We talk about: 

  • How to work on your own resistance around making friends 
  • Doing a “risk/benefit” analysis when getting out of your comfort zone 
  • My experience using Meetup to find and build community 
  • Virtual vs in person meet ups 
  • Structure ideas for running your own meetup 
  • Finding other online community groups 

More About Louisa:
Louisa has a very interesting and entertaining podcast where she expertly interviews fascinating guests and shares valuable content and helpful conversations.

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