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I love helping people learn, get comfortable with and figure out technology. I would love to support you in your own tech journey, either with 1-on-1 coaching, in a Tech Tips Small Group session and by sending you a list of my favorite technology tricks.

Plus, you can listen to why I love Social Media and hear about some of my favorite technology tricks on the Release Your Resistance Podcast.


Your Personalized Password Notebook

A notebook for keeping track of the sites, addresses and places online you need to get back to. There is plenty of space to make note of your logins, usernames and passwords.

This notebook reminds you of your security questions and account information so you can get back into your important websites.

Use it to keep track of all the places you visit on the internet. This book includes a quick index to record 75 different places on the web.

Podcast Episodes about Technology, Learning + Resistance

How to Love Social Media – ep 104 – https://bexb.org/lovesocial/ – Learn how to use social media and not be used by social media. 

Favorite Tech Tips and Tricks – ep 92 – https://bexb.org/techtips/ – If we were to divide everyone in the world into where they fell on the technology continuum, we could say that there are tech lovers, tech curious and tech resistant. Where do you fit? Do you already self identify?

Love to Learn – ep 74 – https://bexb.org/learn/ – These are my favorite ways to learn new things as an adult. Hear about 4 main methods to learn and gain confidence in a new skill or topic.

Resistance – ep 23 – https://bexb.org/resistance/ – Understand what resistance is so you can recognize it and decide what to do with it in your own life.

Listen to Podcast Episodes about Technology

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