Group Weight Loss 

A 6-week group weight loss coaching program


You will know your weight goal


You will know the cause of your current weight


You will know the solution


You will know how to apply that solution to yourself


You will know how to proceed

Weekly Group Zoom Call

We’ll have group coaching for an hour each week for 6 weeks. We’ll discuss the week’s lesson and hear coaching examples in a small group setting on Zoom.

Online Videos

I’ll share short weekly videos and updates to explain concepts and further your understanding.


You’ll have a workbook to help you track your progress, see what you’re thinking, and follow along with program activities.

This group weight loss coaching program is LIFE CHANGING!

We won’t focus on counting calories or buying “diet” or low-fat food, but we will track other things. 

You will tune in to how your body responds to certain foods (how those foods affect your hormones).

You will learn to notice patterns and habits (both physical and emotional).

What You Get


You will get accountability, support and the mindset you need to be successful.


You will realize what your feelings have to do with what and how you eat


You will learn so much about yourself


You will get a deeper understanding of what has been happening with your weight, and, what can happen now


You will amaze yourself!

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