Meet Gemma

Gemma Lumicisi is an author, podcaster, business coach, copywriter and marketer. 

She has a unique perspective on the world at large. Deciding she was done with dull, she left a brilliant corporate job to pursue her own business and create life her way. 

She now helps other women do the same thing and discover what it is they truly want so they can go after it.

In our Conversation

Listen as we discuss:

✏️ How she noticed there were “2 Gemmas” and the one that didn’t sound like her was showing up in her business

✏️ A copywriting exercise she uses for herself and clients to discover the more authentic self

✏️ The mathematical formula you can use to solve the problem that “not everyone will like you”

✏️ How she started her meditation practice – after being “meditation-curious” 

✏️ Gemma’s mantra for 2022 that we’re both convinced everyone should adopt

✏️ How you can work with Gemma and/or learn her copywriting techniques


Gemma’s website: