Figure out how to find your first client

Feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to find your first client? Keep reading:
Figuring out how to find your first client doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing.
You do not need to overthink it or make things too complicated.
You really can just figure out how to find your first client, then go do it.
You can experience clarity instead of confusion about what things to do and what not to worry about.
You can prioritize your next steps instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything.
Invest the next month to learn how to release any resistance (you might not even realize) about how to:
 – Decide on your next steps.
 – Get brainstorming ideas and be held accountable.
 – Figure out how to find your first client.
Take the first step


You tell me what kind of transformation your clients want – we’ll decide the first steps to find them.
Here’s what you’ll figure out and experiment with:
  1. Your plan to find your first client
  2. What you need to (and don’t need to) set up right now (marketing, payment processing, automation, administrative systems)
  3. How to get started
  4. How to track your progress for celebration and accountability

You will see immediate progress and momentum by showing up and being present.


Zero Risk

Let’s start with a free intro call to make sure we are a fit.
During this first free call, you decide if you want to hire me for 1 month for $159.
After a month, if you haven’t figured out how you will find your first client (& you’ve shown up 100% for coaching), I’ll refund you $159.
open laptop on desk

What do I need to know and do?

This coaching is all about discovering and understanding the specific, actionable first and next things you need to think about and do to figure out how to find your first client.
  • If you’re thinking about starting or have just started your business, this is for you.
  • If you’re ready to start taking the initial or next steps (and don’t want to feel overwhelmed) this is for you.
  • If you’ve been holding yourself back – even though you’re taken the courses/read the posts/followed the teachers – this is for you.

There is zero risk!

I know you can find your first client.

Let’s figure it out!