A excerpt of Inner Voice Writing

this is after my first Inner Voice Session with Nicole Perkins


How can I just let go and trust?

drop in, breathe, allow. 

.. with flaws, and imperfections. 

Be a whole human Human. 

Enjoy the journey- it is to learn, to experience, to feel, to grow.

I have so much to tell you, to guide you, to offer you. You hold me back because you don’t trust, because you’re afraid, because you don’t know how it could be true. But it is. Don’t worry. 


It’s all going to be fun and fine and flowy and amazing.

I’ll show you. I’ll guide you. 

Let me show you. Let me help you. Trust. 


This is you unlocking, getting into alignment, unblocking. 

Allowing, allowing, releasing, unblocking. 

Unblocking makes you whole. 

Drop the “concern” and the “worry” over all the details. Yes, the mind delights in the details. It’s ok if things get messy – like an artist!


(and then I asked, “what should I do next?”

and I heard: “Go listen to Pachelbel’s Canon.”

So I did. It was beautiful and inspiring and it took me way back!) 

I hope you enjoyed reading and that it inspires you to write to your own Inner Voice!

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