A Dental Hygienist’s Podcast

Why does a dental hygienist have podcast?
Because she is amazing!
You have to listen to the Gums and Gossip podcast to get to know Hope Loyd.
Yes, she talks about dental hygiene, and she also talks about her funny experiences and her new business and dating and so many things.

Pick Up Lines and Journaling

Hope invited me on her podcast to talk about pick up lines and journaling.

Listen as we discuss:

💬 How to use pickup lines as journal prompts
💬 Some of the most cringe worthy pick up lines she’s received
💬 What’s currently a 10 out of 10 for both of us in our lives right now
💬 A place Hope has never been but might consider going on a first date (with some precautions in place)
💬 My awkward dental office visit misunderstanding

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Reflect in the journal pages and be inspired by both the pick up lines and the prompts.

This book is a match made in heaven! It has

  • a blend of humor and insight (A great collection of cheesy pick up lines)
  • funny and playful prompted pages that will also help you explore your own thoughts to improve your self image
  • and it makes a fun and thoughtful gift for yourself or a friend

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New Conversation with Hope and Bex

You can hear a  fun, new conversation between Hope and Bex on a Release your Resistance podcast interview recorded in October 2022.