New Business Mindset Coaching (Pilot Program)

Weekly- Tuesdays 5 pm - 06/23/20 - 08/11/20
Start your business with the best possible mindset.
Your business success is directly related to your beliefs about yourself, your business and its potential. You have 100% control over all of this.
Invest the next 2 months to learn how to release any resistance (you might not even realize) you have about taking massive action to get the results you want.
This small group coaching program pilot includes 8 weeks of a small group coaching, weekly lessons with valuable information about how to manage your mind to increase your accountability and confidence, a private facebook group for accountability and resources and a personal workbook to document your progress.

What is the New Business Mindset Coaching Pilot Program?

This coaching program is an 8 week, interactive small group coaching program that teaches smart, effective mind-management and mindset strategies to new business owners who see the value in investing in themselves at the start of their business.
This coaching program will challenge you to think and believe at your highest level. It’s designed to turn your mindset into a propellant for the success of your business.

How does the coaching program WORK?

We will meet weekly on Zoom for our 1 hour discussion and coaching calls. All of the content and lessons will be available online inside a private facebook group. Members can post questions, get accountability, connect with others, and compare notes with each other.
The weekly zoom calls will be where Bex will coach members, answer questions and offer strategic advice to ensure that everyone takes consistent action and receives the highest value from their investment.

What’s covered in the Coaching Program?

This program is all about discovering and understanding the mindset you are carrying into creating and growing your new business. We’ll be diving into the following topics:
  • Becoming your Future Self
  • Your Relationship with your Business
  • Taking Massive Action
  • How your own Feelings Affect your Business
  • Time Management
  • Doing the Impossible