A few weeks ago, I attended a conference and made the decision to “go back to the basics” in my self awareness. 

My decision was that I would do a self awareness exercise every day, no matter what, for 60 days.  I added the exercise to my daily journaling habit. 

I didn’t expect the transformation I’ve already gotten so far. 

My Self Awareness Transformation

Throughout the day, I’m noticing my thinking more. 

I’m able to see my thoughts as objective sentences.

I catch little fleeting thoughts and think “oh, I need to explore that further.”

I recognize new possibilities I can consider (that didn’t feel possible before, or that I was not even aware of!)

What about YOU!?

If you have ever wondered what to write about when you journal, I invite you to do this self awareness exercise with me!

You can get the notebook to make the exercise even easier to do every day (or just do the exercise on paper). 

You will get to see your progress and have all your new possibilities listed out for you in one place!

60 Days of Self Awareness Notebook

I had been doing the exercises in a blank notebook for over 2 weeks and now I switched to this new notebook and I ❤️ LOVE ❤️ the awareness I’m getting.

Once I’m through at least one round of 60 days, I’ll start a self awareness study group so we can all do it together (if you want). Make sure you are on my email list and get weekly journal prompts from me. Share your email here: Weekly Journal Check In

In the meantime, you can get the notebook and work on your own (alongside with me)!

Get the 60 Days of Self Awareness Prompted Journal – https://amzn.to/3FeiUNr

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