A excerpt of my Manifesto

(here's a short section of It Girl for you to see what it's all about)


..I love my time alone – and- I get so energized around people on the same wavelength. I love funny people and clever jokes. I show affection by giving compliments. I meet new people all the time – they are interested, interesting and curious too. I perceive strangers with curiosity and interest … you never know! My natural allies are smart, fun, people who are generally happy and self-aware.


My extravagance is spending energy, time and money on things that make me happy – anything that delights me or makes me want to dive in. I have plenty of energy, time and money. 


My spending habits are intentional. 


Contrast shows me what I don’t want so I know exactly what I do want. The right things flow to me. My obsession is being in alignment. I am young and current. I like colors and organizing things. I have a natural talent for teaching and hosting. I love creating, learning, spending time with people I like & love, organizing and planning. My home is beautiful and clean – it’s a combination of a Nancy Myer’s movie and Restoration Hardware…


I hope you enjoyed reading and that it inspires you to write your own!

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