Pod Club

Thursday, October 7th – 5 pm AZ time

You’ve heard of a book club – where everyone reads the same book, then gets together to discuss.. how about a pod club!?
..where everyone listens to the same podcast episode, then gets together to discuss.

For our October meeting, please listen to the conversation between Marita and Chelsey as they discuss some of the differences between introversion and extraversion and how we can connect to our true purpose. Listen to this 30-minute episode, then let’s discuss on Zoom: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-turning-point-podcast/id1456502896?i=1000456132661

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Call to Learn about Coaching

Schedule at your Convenience

I coach women who are ready for a change. They want to feel better. They want to love their life. They want a better life.

Maybe you feel stuck. Maybe you want to feel differently than you do, but you don’t know how. You just need help bringing your better life into reality. You need help making your transformation a reality.

Transforming your life is 100% within your control. You just need awareness about what you are currently creating for yourself. I can help you get that awareness. I can help you discover the transformation you want for yourself and believe it is possible. 

Book a free 1-hour call to talk about your life and how you want to transform. 

Open Journal and Pink Pen

Journaling and Friendship – in person Meet Up

Saturday, October 9th – 10:30 am

Chandler Public Library – Downtown – 22 S. Delaware St. Chandler AZ 85225

Give yourself a dedicated time (and some light accountability) to journal.
There are so many proven benefits to journaling- why not make it part of a monthly friendship meet up!?

Let’s meet for about an hour and a half – 45 minutes to journal quietly on our own then the rest of the time for a friendly get-to-know you discussion.

Bring your own journal – or just a paper and pen.
If you want a new journal before our Meet up, check out the Journal and Notebook shop online at: http://bexb.org/shopjournals
I will also bring a small assortment of journals available for $5 each.

I’ll have some journaling prompts ready to go for you if you can’t think of anything to write about.

Friendship 5×5 online get together

a Friday in October (check back for the date and time)

We’re a fun, interesting, casual group of friends who get together on zoom every 2 weeks for an interesting get-to-know you type conversation. We always welcome newcomers. Our discussions range from food, to travel, to hobbies, to relationships, to interests to personal stories and everything in between! Come join us!
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