What do you get  when you coach with me?


Access to someone who can listen and give you assurance and undivided attention. 


An encouraging example. 

A unique way of thinking. A creative conversation with humor and honesty.  


End of 2020 Coaching Special

What can you be certain of in this time of uncertainty?
How can you be in control when so much is out of control?
Let’s create some certainty and control for you in the remaining months of 2020.
For a limited time and for a limited number of clients, I’m offering a special “End of 2020 Coaching Special” for the last 3 months of this “Special” year.
We’ll have a 1-on-1 coaching call once a week in October, November and December to help you make sense of what’s happened in your life in 2020.. and what you want to create for yourself in 2021. 

Looking to lose weight?

I help millennial working women lose 20 pounds.

Specifically, I help you release the resistance to losing the weight..

Because you know how.. and what to do – but don’t do it!

I help you Release that Resistance!

(Especially while you’re stuck at home right now!)

Frequently Asked

How can we work together?

You can schedule a phone session with me. It can be either a coaching session or just a conversation (or a mix of both). 

How do we meet? by phone? by Zoom?

We use the phone-only option of Zoom. So you have a “one-tap” number to click from your calendar event to join our audio-only call. 

Do you offer refunds or a reschedule if I miss my appointment?

Unfortunatley, refunds and reschedules are not available at this time. Please check your schedule prior to booking your session to make sure it will work for you. 

Here’s what I know about you:

You want straightforwardness in this unstable world. You’re not lazy. In fact you work hard and want your work to be meaningful.

You are a pragmatic idealist -meaning, you want to improve yourself (and the world), and you know this will take effort and possibly some reconstruction as you’re trying to live your everyday life.

You are certainly more upbeat than older generations – even with student loan debt, climate change and our current political landscape. But, you’re not always feeling so upbeat.

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