Pink Gratitude Journal held by Bex Beltran

Notebook and Journal Creation

Behind The Scenes

All Access – Ask Me Anything Tour

See the exact steps I took to go from ZERO to making a profit creating and selling notebooks!
This is a small-group, exclusive, all-access tour of how I brainstorm, create, organize, upload, and market all the notebooks in my shop.

If you have ever thought of creating your own notebook or journal to sell – or just to give to clients, you’ll want to join this behind-the-scenes tour!

Wednesday 2/16/22

2 pm AZ Time on Zoom


how I create covers, interiors + upload into KDP

Ask questions about your own design ideas.


how I track my ideas, brainstorms, keywords and more

Get a step-by-step demo of how to do it.


how I have promoted my journals and notebooks

Find out what I have tried, what didn’t work and what worked the best for me. 

Hear and See everything about how I created my journal and notebook shop

Since this is a small-group one-off setting and since it won’t be recorded, I’ll share everything!

Ask anything! See behind the scenes.


Get a new journal or notebook for yourself

See the quantity and variety and get some ideas of the kind of notebooks or journals you can create.