purple mailbox with slot chalk letter spell out prompt postcards

Your first prompt postcard is getting ready to be sent!Thank you for joining the Prompt Postcards Monthly Subscription.

Be on the lookout for:

  • A new postcard delivered to your US address every week
  • 2 postcards a month have journal prompts, thought provokers and conversation starters
  • 1 postcard has 3 amazing affirmations (or mantras, if you like) for you to repeat to yourself (and journal about)
  • 1 postcard is an inspirational saying or motivational quote you can display, carry with you or give to a friend


  • If you ever need a break, reply to the welcome email I sent to you. I can cancel (or pause) your subscription for you.

  • Set up can take about 10 days – if you do not receive your first postcard within the next 2 weeks, please let me know.

  • While you wait, you can learn more about using journal prompts and the 3 types of jouranlers by watching this mini-workshop.